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Welcome to AlUla

I've been lucky enough to visit AlUla, Saudi Arabia, a number of times since 2018 and have seen huge changes since those early days. Of course the history was always there - the incredible sandstone tombs of Hegra, the 900 mud brick buildings in the Old Town or the ancient site of Dadan, slowly being unearthed by archaeologists.

Different sites in Hegra, AlUla

What has changed in those 4 years is the heritage, the conservation, the arts and the nightlife. In the last year alone I've seen the Old Town and AlJadidah open up with bustling restaurants and art exhibtions, Wadi Al Fann become a home for Desert-X 2022, new hiking routes open up across the landscape, and exhibitions & music play out at Maraya.

Maraya, the largest mirrored building in the world

Perhaps my favourite place to be though is in the peaceful tranquility of the Oasis. What will eventually be a 20km trail from end to end, is slowly being restored into a place you can walk even during the hottest parts of the day, under the shade of the palm trees with mud brick summer farms on either side

AlUla Oasis

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